Born in the Russian Federation and raised in the Ukraine, Nina Basharova's artistic journey began while being exposed to her parent's community of actors, writers and painters. She was inspired by that creative environment and merged her love for culture with an affinity for jewellery steeped in history.

She began her studies with Fine Arts while living in the Ukraine and went onto get a degree in Jewellery Design at the Art College in Haifa. There she was twice honored with the prestigious and had her work displayed in the Museum of Art in Ramat Gan.

She arrived in New York in 2002 throughout this time she has been diligently creating her own collection, focusing on carving out her own original identity of hand finished pieces that blend together an artisan's eye for craft and detail with a truly modern sensibility. Each one of her collections has been recognized by press and various jewellery competitions for an individual piece of work.

A piece from her first collection "Milky Way" was included in the book "500 Bracelets" (Larks Books, 2005) and then again in the follow up book, "500 Earrings." In 2006, the collection was chosen by World Gold Council and panel of jewellery trade experts for promotion.

She has received many international and illustrious awards, including:
Geometrichemozioni 2006 by 'Trissinooro 
Consortium, Trissino, Italy
Electornos2006 by 'Amberif' in Gdansk, Poland.

In 2006 she received prizes in 6 competitions such as Second Place in American Vision Awards by MJSA, First Place in Diva Awards by The Women's jewellery Association, and overall winner in The Jewelry Arts Awards by Lapidary Journal. In addition her work has recently been featured in numerous consumer magazines like Cosmopolitan, Modern Bride, The Knot as well as upscale jewellery trade periodicals: Vioro(Italy), Lustre, Modern Jeweler and JCK Magazine.

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